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Connecting great candidates with great companies since 2008 - Marketing and Pharmaceutical industries

The right person in the right company can mean the difference between business as usual and unprecedented transformations. At Summit Professional Search, Inc., our mission is to match people with opportunities that pave the way for long-lasting, valuable relationships and mutual success.  We are a boutique full service recruitment agency. Our focus is on people’s potential and their goals.

Since 2008, we’ve placed candidates in the Marketing and Pharmaceutical industries nationwide, including R&D (Clinical Affairs, Medical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs), Medical Education, Medical Communications, Advertising, Branding and CPG.

Our attention to detail, hands-on approach, transparent communication and commitment to confidentiality have allowed us to bring the right people together and forge tremendously successful relationships.

Why Choose Us?

Integrity  Your success is our priority.  We match candidates and clients with the goal of mutual alignment. We present candidates with opportunities that closely match their goals, and present clients with candidates who possess the skill set and personality traits that will make them a valuable addition to the team. We always abide by our mission to aid in your professional success.

Clarity  Communication is key to any relationship. We present a clear picture of both client and candidate, keeping each informed throughout every step of the hiring process. Your recruiter is always available to answer questions, offer advice and explain each step clearly and thoroughly.

Collaboration  We go beyond the typical recruiter role. Our process is deeply dependent on understanding the particulars of each candidate and client. We then work closely with you to ensure that all the pieces fall together for a perfect fit.

Confidence  With a consistent track record of successes and  testimonials from former clients and candidates, we have established an excellent reputation and long-standing trust. All information that you provide us is kept private unless you say otherwise.

Summit Professional Search, Inc. is a full-service recruitment agency focused on the pharmaceutical sector. Our mission is to find and connect the most qualified candidates with the best opportunities available at our client companies.

"Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it."

-from Sometimes by Mary Oliver



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